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Continuing Excellence

EC Chmel has passed down the exacting art of dental craftsmanship from generation to generation and currently offers over 500 years of cumulative experience to ensure product satisfaction. In recent years, EC Chmel has taken further charge and accountability for its continued excellence by becoming an employee-owned company. By employees being vested in EC Chmel, they have the added incentive to constantly challenge the limits of their expertise and not rest on the laurels of their current qualifications—our customer's success is always priority one.

Dental Team Partnership

EC Chmel has developed, invested in and continually nurtures the Dental Team Partnership concept to ensure mutual success and satisfaction. What does this mean? We understand that we succeed and grow as our customers succeed. Because of this, we provide new products and technology, outstanding educational programs, and an experienced marketing team to ensure open communication and professional relationships. In 2005, EC Chmel once again proved our commitment to ensuring the latest technology and consistent high-quality restorations to our customers by completely renovating our laboratory.

Enhance your business by using EC Chmel as your dental lab partner. Please view our products page, or call us at 800-826-6989 to discover all the advantages we can provide.

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