Delivery Services


Good work requires time. It is necessary to allow sufficient time to do our work properly. Times shown reflect business days only, not weekends or holidays.


Custom Trays 2 Days
Model and Bite Blocks 2 Days
Set up or Reset 2 Days
Finish 3 Days
Duplicate or Jump 3 Days
Reline 1 Days
Chem-Sil Attachments 4 Days


Vitallium or Gold Frame 8 Days
Valplast 6 Days
Wironium Frame 8 Days


Fixed Ortho Appliance 3 Days
Removable Ortho Appliance 4 Days

Crown and Bridge

All Metal - Full Cast 3 Days
PFM 5 Days
Nonprecious PFM 8 Day Discount
Porcelain Veneer 10 Days
Combination Units 7 Days
Procera 12 Days
Captek 12 Days
Goldtech Bio 2000 5 Days
Lava 12 Days


Single Tooth 10 Days
Fixed Overdenture 12 Days
Multi-Unit 12 Days

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Speed and Convenience
Our daily pick up and delivery service will eliminate the cost of your office having to mail or UPS cases to our lab. We can offer one- or two-day service on all repairs and relines.

The map below reflects the wide area we cover for pick up and delivery. To the left, you can review the estimated time schedule for orders.

Delivery Area

Delivery area
Extended delivery services available throughout the nation